19 May 2005

Glitch Art, Edge, Hillis's 7 Stages of a Mythic Experience

GLITCH ART presents digital visual glitches as artwork.

Edge pulls together ideas from some of the West's most amazing intellectuals. They're organized and/or represented by John Brockman. Here are the first and second parts of an article about Brockman, who evidently described himself to Wired Magazine as wanting to be considered "post interesting."

Danny Hillis's concept that "mythic experiences" have seven stages has stuck in my head since reading about it on the Edge website.

You might find it an enduring passage (no pun intended). His seven stages are: The Image, The Embarkation, The Labyrinth, The Draw, The Payoff, The Return, and The Memento. I think that a savvy marketer or "experience engineer" should bear these in mind. Read about it in Stewart Brand's The Mountain and The Clock.

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