28 May 2005

I Have a Reading Problem

I like buying books. I like picking up heavy, pretty, difficult, image-laiden books in the store, buying them, and then starting to read them. I like finishing books, but I haven't done that in a long time; lately I get 10% - 70% through, and then just move on.

Who cares.

Anyway, for your blogging pleasure, here are a few books I'm thumbing through:

Just Bought 'em

Partially Through 'em

I Lack the Fortitude to Finish These

I Read 'em and Recommend 'em

Signing out from Schuylerville, NY...


1 comment:

Hugh Knowles said...

I am really relieved to have read this bit of your blog. I also have a very similar problem. I have a wide range of interests and often by books on topics such as systems theory, deep ecology, market forces, design etc etc and then only read a bit before moving on. A novel I can finish no problem but even though I find the more factual books fascinating I don't make it through. So is it the book or the reader......