24 May 2005

SID 2005: Displays as Far as the Eye Can See

Today I attended the Society for Information Display's 2005 International Symposium, which is the place for display manufacturers to strut their stuff commercially and scientifically.

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The only comment I'll make about 3-D displays is that several global consumer-products manufacturers are telling us they're convinced that cellphones and mobile devices are going to have 3-D displays in them. Soon. That'll be great, if they have autostereo displays which have more views (40+, not 2-12) and a viewing angle of 30 degrees or more. (That is, the imagery should look inches deep, and your neck and wrist must feel comfortable while looking at the handheld screen.)

Electrophoretic displays (electronic ink-based systems) are gaining ground, or at least more firms are working on them. E-Ink, Kodak, Philips, and other firms exhibited flexible rollup displays which looked very cool. In the Philips booth, their flexi-displays were mounted to an automated motor that rolled and unrolled the rectangular displays into tight cylinders while the imagery on them changed. Guess that's the whole point. Actually, a Kodak rep said the point was that display flexibility implies lower cost because the backplane is simpler.

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