22 May 2005

Walking down the street in your browser

Looking for something to read at night? Technorati's list of the top 100 blogs.

I mentioned a website to people, with horror, that allows folks to hunt using remote-controlled gear over the Internet. Here is a story about it from Defense Tech.

The Holography Forum is a public BBS to trade ideas, methods, and photographs of/about holograms.

a9, via Amazon, actually allows you to virtually stroll down major city streets. This is an example of a fine coffee establishment, 1369 Coffee House, on Mass Ave in Cambridge, MA. Try it out! You can "walk" up to Arlington. (Howto: go to a9, search for something, click the "yellow pages" tab, type in your ZIP code, and if Amazon took photos of your location, it should appear as a thumbnail.)


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