09 June 2005

Brainstorming: False Rule Generation

(notes to self...)

False Rules Technique for Advanced Brainstorming Training
Inifinite Innovations Ltd. suggests a technique called "False Rules." In their words,

To generate new ideas using this method you apply rules to your own probortunity which have already been applied to a different subject but which have not yet been applied to your own. You are taking a rule, quote, idea or suggestion from somewhere else and applying it to your own situation. It is known as a "false" rule because the rule has not been considered as valid before. By getting a false rule and forcing yourself to use it, you find yourself thinking about doing things in a different way than you would normally.
I enjoyed their free interactive demonstration of their random false-rule generator. The last two results I got were: "Acceptable for a vegetarian diet." and "Soak for twenty minutes before rinsing."

Reminiscent of Eno's and IDEO's strategies.

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