14 June 2005

G-Fav Can't Dance, and Blogs

It might be old news, but... No matter how many times I see this kid breakdancing (er... "popping"), I go slack-jawed in amazement. The first kid is good - the second kid is just absolutely amazing. This is the link to the .WMV. (This is Kraftwerk?) Read an interview with him here.

Linked to photo from Music Thing.

Blogging Blahs
Technology Review's Jason Pontin has an interesting article in this month's TR magazine. He compares today's blogging craze (of hyperlinks & commentary) to the folks of yesteryear who made scrapbooks of snippets from newspapers and other ephemera along with occasional comments. I guess it would be ironic if I were to hyperlink to that article. Good thing I can't find it online.

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Anonymous said...

I think he's missing some stuff about blogging. Sure, that's what some people are using it for, but there's some big differences. For example, there's something key about blogging as presentation of self to the world -- in a way that I think describing it as scrapbooking misses. Plus, if we're talking LiveJournal, he's totally missing the importance of explaining how nobody understands you and asking if you should dye your hair pink or blue.