08 June 2005

I Shall Wear My Trousers Rolled

I am getting old:

Next-Generation MP3 Players Will be WLAN-Enabled
Samsung' s new "Yepp" MP3 players will stream audio and video from the web. Like, little tiny wireless movie things. Look at all these things! What's next, a 3-D image floating in front of your cellphone? Oh, wait, that exists too.

Image linked from story on MobileMag

The Man Near Me At Starbucks
The man near me at Starbucks is talking VERY LOUD. He's an old man, speaking at 80 dB to a young guy who's helping him program a computer. For some reason he refuses to believe that the program operates in a certain way.

Ok, sorry for that interruption. In real news:

The Unfortunate Bachelor Pad, or: My Wife's Cross-Country Trek
(Hopefully without Brad Pitt.) Friends: you probably got J-Fav's email; she is joining the author of Squirrel Be My Guide in a wild and crazy cross-country trip from LA through Memphis and Atlanta, and ending in DC, followed by a miraculous hyperspace back to Boston. Their trek will be pictorially documented online. Yes, it will become progressively un-blank. (Augh, that's it. Fie on you, old man! I'm switching tables.) (Boy, am I a yuppie-in-training.) (I apologize.) (Actually, I'd be more of a yuppie if I were drinking an iced venti caramel machiatto; but I am sipping plain-ol' hot coffee, admittedly a bad 9.00pm habit, but so what, it helps me think. That sentence made me feel like Italo Calvino. "Not quite," I hear you say. Well, fie on you!)

This One is for La Lecturess
This article is about making your own 1920s-style bluetooth handset. Personally, I prefer this cell phone adapter for later-era handsets from Hulger.

Image link from story in Sync.

CVS to Sell Disposable Digital Video Cameras

According to Slashdot and this USA TODAY story, a firm called "Pure Digital Technologies" has developed a disposable (reusable?) digital video camera. It stores 20 minutes of footage (wow, what a legacy term.... "footage...") which customers can pay CVS to burn into a DVD.

Image link to USA TODAY story

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La Lecturess said...

I love it! I would TOTALLY carry around a full-size handset when I can't be near my 1936 Bell at home. Thanks, G-Fav.