24 June 2005

Nerdcore: Computer Science Gangsta' Rap

Turn up your speakers, aiight?

I read this in Wired online - possees of computer science grad students at Purdue and Stanford are engaging in hard-core verbal warfare around topics as contentious in the streetz as quantum cryptography and C++.

Check out MC Plus+ and the Empty Set, for example.

My personal favorite, Monzy, left me laughing out loud with lines like, "I may not have a label but I rap like a star; I'm an unsigned long int and you're an 8-bit char." Check out Monzy at his website. (note! listen to the MP3 before jumping ahead and reading the lyrics.)



La Lecturess said...

Damn, that's great shit. Not that I get most of the jokes, but they've got some fine rhymes.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't realized that Monzy = Dan Maynes-Aminzade. He's da bomb. He gave a paper on "edible users interfaces" at CHI that was generally acknowledge to be the most amusing paper at the conference. Which is, unfortunately, not saying much.


Anonymous said...

Dammit. I forgotted what I wanted to post about in the first place.

Can't remember if I ever showed this to you before, but I think you'd appreciate: Baby Got Hack.