01 June 2005

Perspecta Spatial 3-D Display for cancer treatment; and, article in New Scientist

Perspecta Spatial 3-D Display - news coverage
Hooray: we got some nice coverage in the popular scientific press. This is an article in New Scientist magazine about my firm's new product, Perspecta 1.9.

New: Yikes, someone posted a link about Perspecta on Slashdot. Yes, folks, it runs at 30 Hz, not 15 Hz, the images really are three-dimensional, and you can indeed look down from the top. Here is a link to one of the patents that explains how it works.

Photograph of a non-holographic image floating in the Perspecta Spatial 3-D Display. It is being used by radiation oncologists to review cancer treatment plans in "Spatial" 3-D. (Photo courtesy Rush University Medical Center.) Posted by Hello


La Lecturess said...

Hey, that's awesome! I'll correct your usage of "that" and "which" any time.

nosa said...

Super cool!