03 June 2005

Rock videos you discover through blogs

"Winners" by 7 Seconds of Love - Animation frame from Joel Veitch.

Remember when people actually used the word "cyberspace" or the phrase "information superhighway"? I wonder how soon the word "blogosphere" will sound as tired.

In any case, it sure is distracting. But if it weren't for blogs, I wouldn't have come across the music video work of this person. Got that broadband connection? Speakers on?

First, in particular tribute to my friend B. B.:
An extraordinarily happy song, the basis of which is just being happy, augmented by a happy, sprinting kitten, here. Yes, grab your cooler, hop into the open-top Jeep, and switch on the Dave Matthews.

Next, in particular tribute to my friend C. K.:
An extraordinarily angry song by The Datsuns, the basis of which is just being angry, augmented by a very angry group of chincillas, here.

Okay, fine, I know you want more, more, more. Joel Veitch brings it to you.

Insert Clever Transitional Sentence Here Regarding Intelligent Lyrics, Rock Accordian, and Musicians with Blue Hair
Hey, you. You, there. You, surfing the web. Have you heard The Animators? You can hear samples of their latest songs, such as "Nice Guy" and "Medicine," at this web site. If you instantly become a die-hard fan, which I suspect you will, you can learn more about them.

G'day from the temporarily warm East Coast.

ps I confess to enjoying the music of Dave Matthews. It helps that he has one of the two best drummers in today's pop scene, Carter Beauford. (The other, of course, is Manu Katche, who you have heard playing with Peter Gariel.)

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