31 July 2005

Chicago, Terror, and ... ?

A prize to the person who manages to convince me to stop drinking iced caramel macchiato at 11pm.

Chicago, Chicago ...
Hello, I am back from a day of business travel to one of my favorite cities: Chicago. I managed to get time to hang out with a college friend, CM, and his family for a fun stroll around town with their awesome 2 year-old. Along the way, we visited the new "Crown Fountain" by Jaume Plensa - two 50 foot structures with embedded LED video walls which squirt water every 20 minutes out of the mouths of giant projected people. (Photo at left is linked from a web page by Lynn Becker.) (I am still waiting on my lesson contrasting "which" and "that," you know who you are...)

Terror in London
I came across this site, I am f*ing terrified, through GeekPress.

Worst Album Covers Ever

Fortunately, someone's done the hard work of selecting exemplary bad album art for the rest of us.

Linked from here.

Well, that's all for me tonight. Here's to a totally gnarly Sunday.


La Lecturess said...

Okay, okay! In this case, it should have been "that." Best short rule is that, if it comes immediately after a comma, it should be "which." Otherwise it's that. (This assumes of course that one knows how to punctuate.)

So: "The car that I love has a moonroof," but, "the car, which I love, has a moonroof."

G-Fav said...


Thank you!

Believe it or not my other grammatical gaffe was that I mispronounced "synecdoche" for, oh, 15 years.

The word that I mispronounced was "synecdoche."

The word, which I think sounds really funny, is "synecdoche."

Wow! He learns!


La Lecturess said...


Oh, and yes, in re your post on RH's blog--your site automatically has a feed. I'm subscribed to it, so I know it works!