04 July 2005

Crystal Radio, Digital Sundial

I'm back in Mass., following the 3-day jaunt to Tahoe and a 2-day business trip. This weekend we went on a fun whale watch ["A Cape Ann Whale Watch" 1998-style website], which I finally believe every New Englander should try a few times. It corrected my belief that dolphins only live off the coast of Florida.

Also, I am nearing the final day of my favorite holiday: the Fourth of July weekend! The weather here is perfect, and I am looking forward to our traditional chill-out-on-the-grass-of-MIT-with-friends evening. Until then, for my and your reading pleasure:

Crystal Radio
The MAKE magazine blog directed me to a sentimental how-to guide on building your own crystal radio. It made me feel like I was in 7th grade again, wrapping magnet wire around an empty plastic film cannister to make a no-batteries radio receiver. (Nerd!) Here is the article at sci-toys.com.

Digital Sundials (yes, Digital)
Over the years I've mentioned this to a few people. Here's a link to a company that makes sundials which yield a "written" image of the time, rather than a shadow of a pointer to the time. Check out digitalsundial.com.

Image linked from Digital Sundials International.

Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

this thing is stunning. i get it [eventually... the manual explains it], but it's still awesome that it works.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought you'd like it. It's pretty wacky. There was a Scientific American article 10+? yrs ago proposing "digital sundials" in general but without a solution. I think this company saw it and tried to answer it with this.