21 July 2005

If the Great Gatsby had a Soundtrack

Hello, friends, from 90-degree Massachusetts. I bring you sentimentality. I bring you laughter. I bring you the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester
"Dance and film music of the 20s and 30s:" It took some time for the news to reach our country's shoreline, but German baritone Max Raabe's nostalgic and somtimes funny tunes have found their way here. His music is perfect for this weather; I imagine reading some Fitzgerald novel listening to crackly dance songs on an old record player.

Now - the reason you're here - check out his renditions of "Oops! ... I Did It Again," "We Are The Champions," and "Blue (Da Ba Dee)." Next week I'll try to answer the questions: "What if the French had a song called Nous sommes les champignons?," and, "Do the commas separating quotations go inside or outside the quotation?", and "What's the proper punctuation to terminate such a list, anyhow, especially when it ends with a question mark and not a period?".

Some of his music, evidently, is intentionally serious. Visit Max Raabe's website to hear several samples.

Image linked from WOW Report.

G-Fav humbly appreciates the secret puzzler who introduced J-Fav to this Germanic sensation.

Scopes Monkey Trial Raises Troubling Question: Is Science Being Taught in our Schools?
The July 20, 1925 The Onion answers that question and more. You can find a link to the PDF of that day in history on their website.

Obligatory Reference to Thorstein Veblen
Who isn't curious about economist and social commentator Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929) these days? Was it his hairdo, or his sneaky ways with womenfolk? Visit the Thorstein Veblen Linkpage and find out!


La Lecturess said...

I love the Palast Orchester! Thanks, G-Fav. (But note that the link to their page wouldn't work...)

G-Fav said...

I was hoping you'd like them, LL, if you didn't know them already.

So -- thanks for the head's-up -- WOW's link to the band is broken; WOW's links to the songs are working; and my link to the band is working.

From the lovely Diesel Cafe in Somerville, MA...

g-fav (and j-fav)