13 July 2005

What does "Atari" mean? (Playing Go (Wei-Chi or Baduk))

Notes to self about computer go:

A good Mac OS X GNU Go-based game is GOBAN.

A good Windows go system is glGO which uses a GNU go engine and connects easily to the Internet Go Server (IGS) Panda Net.

Just joined the Massachusetts Go Association, which meets in Davis Square right near the Diesel Cafe.

"What's go," you ask?
Go is a board game developed in China 3,000-4,000 years ago which, in my limited experience, seems to test many faculties of strategic and tactical thought. It helps me realize, for instance, when I'm going too fast and not thinking things out completely - in general. That is, it has tendrils that reach into my daily life. And, sadly, I stink at it.

Learn more at the American Go Association [what is go?].

My favorite books are:

(1) The free book that comes with some go sets, whose URL I can't find right now; and
(2) This book by Janice Kim:


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