25 August 2005

Houston Redux

Hello from Houston again, my new home-away-from-home. I come here frequently because of the applications of 3-D displays for oil and gas exploration and production.

I am thankful that I am at the end of a very productive and promising Day 2. However, Day 1 was involved with some behind-the-scenes small-scale calamity. Unfortunately I don't feel comfortable writing about the details but I thought you'd get a kick out of the prime character in my tale: a freakin' 18' Penske cargo van which I very unsuccessfully parked at Major Company.

Anyway, for mostly J-Fav's benefit, here is a photo of the truck. Imagine me cruising around in this thing, my dorky face visible behind the windshield. This thing didn't even have "Park" on the automatic gear shift. It had "Reverse," "Neutral," and "Drive," and one gigantic hand-operated emergency brake. It was 11' 6" high, doesn't fit into hotel (or corporate) parking garages, and of course lacks a rear-view mirror. I could run over BMWs if I wanted. I was above eye-level of bus drivers.

So, um:

Rent one from Penske.

Yes, it takes diesel, and yes, that's an additional door on the side of the vehicle.

Back in New England tomorrow night.


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