02 August 2005

SIGGRAPH 2005 : Los Angeles

Hello from LA after an uneventful BOS - LAX direct flight and a l-o-o-n-g wait for Thrifty Car rental. Soon after landing, I heard from family-of-Fav that an Air France flight to Toronto was significantly more eventful (and fortunately everyone survived.)

Looking back, the biggest scare I ever had in the air was on a trip from Boston to Seattle on Alaska Airlines; the engine backfired, puffs of fire and smoke came out of the engine, and the plane turned right around and landed at Logan where we were welcomed by fire trucks and many, many television cameras. Gulp.


...is "the" computer graphics conference, with worldwide attendance from the most prominent people in our field. Ever wonder how they made "Toy Story"? The scientists at this thing figure out how to computationally depict things like hair, cloth, and bubbling water, and then talk about it at SIGGRAPH.

While I was in the air, two colleagues gave a course on 3-D display technologies that I would have liked to have attended. Tomorrow I will visit the emerging technologies area and have a short rehearsal for Thursday morning's panel discussion.

There are already blogs covering SIGGRAPH and Flickr photos tagged for the conference. It's a great experience. Professor B, I think you'll get a kick out of some of those photos (a few pages in).

Here's to SIGGRAPH 2006, which will be in Boston. Woo-hoo!

Oh, and: Elevator "Hacking"
This piece on Engadget is about how to put the elevator into express mode if you want to override the other floors people selected.


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