03 August 2005

SIGGRAPH - Art and Electronics

(Note to self... and people who dig contemporary art and neat products.)

I wonder what it signifies that I spent more time in SIGGRAPH's emerging technologies and art exhibit than at the paper presentations.

I was transfixed by four things:

I Want One: Yamaha's "Tenori-On" Musical Instrument
"Media artist Toshio Iwai has been collaborating with YAMAHA to develop a new digitial musical instrument, TENORI-ON. TENORI-ON's interface: a 16 x 16 matrix of LED switches allows everyone - from non-musicians to professionals - to play music intuitively and create music visibly."

See it here. Essentially, it is a visible / tactile sequencer. One axis is time, the other pitch. It also has modes which look like cellular automata crossed with pong; xylophones and timpani sound off as little pixels fly around the touch-friendly screen.

One of the inventors demonstrated it for me and I didn't want to give it back.

The Art of Jim Campell
Words don't do it justice. I stood watching Ambiguous Icons : Church on Fifth Avenue (2001) for a very, very long time. (Sparse LED matrix with a diffuser in front, playing a movie of street scenes yields more detail than you'd suspect.) Anyone know anything about him?

Roman Verostko
I enjoyed his algorithmic art. This piece is a good example.

Sherban Epure

Laura Rusnak
You can view some of the pieces I liked here. They remind me of Tom Philips's "Humament" works.

This picture is hyperlinked directly from Laura Rusnak's website.

Electronic Life Forms
Two analog electronic artists - Pascal Glissman and Martina Hofflin - placed tiny analog circuits in a series of glass bell jars under bright lighting. The circuits looked like alien insects, storing up energy from the "sun" and expressing a wiggle or chirping some bug sounds.
Here is a photograph linked from their site:

See the "electronic life forms" website.

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Anonymous said...

okay, you know I'm not so keen on the music stuff but I WANT A CIRCUIT-INSECT IN A JAR.

Please pick me up one or two on the way home. Thank you.