08 October 2005

"Hook 'em, Horns!"

Howdy -

Here I am in an absolutely gigantic hotel (with several "tower" areas of rooms, large sweeping malls, and two oddly-placed elephant sculptures) in Dallas. There are hundreds of football fans here for the 100th big-rivalry game between Oklahoma and Texas, including two drunken ones I came across at 2am this morning in a lobby who made a horn sign with their hands and asked me if I was a horns fan, too.

At this very moment I am missing a big party with all you friends out in Massachusetts, so I made a good effort to entertain myself here.

As follows.


1 - Set up 3-D display for oil-industry trade show with a great partner company.

2 - Went to the "Deep Ellum" region of restaurants and bars and found good Tex-Mex while the Texas / O.U. game raged on.

3 - Drove to the Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth and was thrilled to see some great works. To flaunt my snobbishness, these included:

Gerhard Richter (this site from SFMOMA has a few fantastic examples)

Edward Ruscha

Bill Viola, The Greeting (a slow-motion movie of three women meeting a friend and talking)

Dan Flavin, Diagonal of May 25, 1963

I find some of the photorealistic works of Gerhard Richter very moving; I don't know why. What's weird is that I like the small subset of his paintings which reproduce small sections of magazines or encyclopedias, with a bit of photo and a bit of text. That Ferrari one up there is a painting of a magazine article that's 57 x 78 1/2 inches.

4 - Went to the Texas State Fair and in honor of Professor B. absentee-ism, traded in 10 tickets for a giant Cajun BBQ turkey leg to walk around with.

See ya,


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