05 November 2005

Bioengineering competition

I am getting old very quickly. Here is a snippet of a recent MIT press release:

Teams gather for genetic engineering competition

More than 150 students and instructors from 13 universities across North America and Europe will convene at MIT this weekend to unveil their biological designs at the 2005 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition.

The teams worked all summer to design and build engineered biological systems using standard interchangable biological parts called BioBricks. BioBricks, originated at MIT, are made of biological materials that work as molecules inside living organisms.

The competition is part of the new field of synthetic biology, which involes taking apart the stuff of life and refining it so it can be reused easily in potentially useful ways...

Here is the press release. The Endy lab at MIT.

Good night from Houston, TX.


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