25 November 2005


Are you a Bright?
"Huh?" I can hear you say. Philosopher Daniel Dennett's article "The Bright Stuff" explains.

So does Richard Dawkins, who writes:

Bright? Yes, bright. Bright is the word, the new noun. I am a bright. You are a bright. She is a bright. We are the brights. Isn't it about time you came out as a bright? Is he a bright? I can't imagine falling for a woman who was not a bright.

Playing Atari 2600 on Thanksgiving Break

Pitfall is still fun, proving again that it's not all about processing power, resolution, or color depth.


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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the links. I'm still uncertain how I feel about this whole term. I think I'm of the "Queer Nation" school of the irreligious, like those homosexuals who scorn "gay" as not out-and-loud enough. I prefer "I'm a godless heathen." Gets people's attention real quick.

--GW Boyfriend