17 November 2005

The Game

The Game
Off to "The Game" I go, the ironically pretentious name for the Harvard/Yale football game. (Ironic because people tell me it's a poor specimen of football.)

It's down in New Haven this year, where the prospect of 5 Kelvin weather is offset by the existence of real seats. (Unlike the little red brick school up here, whose stadium has hard concrete ledges packed twice deep with people.) Man I hate football. Wish I had that sports gene so I wasn't such a stick-in-the-mud.

Portable Gaming
Which game system would you ask Santa for - for business trips: the PSP or the DS?

Art, Books, and Thoughtful Design
Visited Douglas Coupland's website recently?

MIT Media Lab Prof. John Maeda has a delightful blog about the role of simplicity in good design.

MASS MoCA has new exhibits (in their fantastic art-gallery-in-a-former-factory in the Berkshires.)

Graphic design: the book jackets of Alvin Lustig.

Colorful Bubbles
Mad props to Prof. B for telling me that some scientist made colorful bubbles!

Well, off I go to the tundra of New Haven, clothed eight layers deep, with a scowl.


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