30 November 2005

McSweeny's Internet Tendency

Some of my Literary Friends Dislike McSweeny's But I Like it Very Much Thank You

You know, Dave Eggers's thing, McSweeny's. Here are a few funny articles for your splendiferous enjoyment this evening:

In-Progress Ideas for New Yorker Cartoons (Scott Underwood)

The iPod Zepto: Inconceivably Small (Jon Fitch) (I wonder if Matthias reads this blog. Hello, Matthias, do you read this blog? If you do, you will notice that the aforementioned humor piece employs the word "otolaryngologist," and I know you will appreciate that.)

Butterball Help-Line Help-Line (Alysia Gray Painter) (The winner of tonight's "best title for a humor piece" contest. Go find it yourself.)

Artwork, You Hoser!
At last! Kids drawings of famous people from Calgary! (due to memepool)

How Creepy; I Mean, How Interesting
One of my favorite finds on the Technorati 100 Popular Blogs list is (currently #2): PostSecret, in which artists write on postcards and, well, take a look.

If Blogger were a bar and I were in it, the bartender would cut me off right about now. G'night.


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