17 December 2005

For Jopesche, mostly

Gmail is smart; it serves up email-content-specific links alongside the message browser. For example, in an email I wrote about the work of Stuart Kauffman (yes, I know, I can't stop talking about his work), it served up an advertisement for:

Redfish Group: Bringing Software to Life
  • self-organizing systems design
  • 3D interactive visualization
  • web application design
  • agent based modeling
  • peer2peer network design
Jopesche, they offer visualization tools of complex networks, which reminded me of the work you did on visualizing LiveJournal connectivity and cliques.

Woah, how "meta." I didn't email you, I blogged to you thinking you'd see it. How presumptuous.

That's all. J-Fav and I returned from a fun party at our blog-less friend EB's house. So I shall end this now.


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