07 December 2005


Not Tired of Ted
J-Fav and I hung out with the... with the... I don't know what their blog-world names are, but "Ted" finally has a blog: Tired of Ted.

Flying Turtles! Rabid Ferrets!
I think you will enjoy this radio commercial [very short] from DialM4Mercury. Not only that, but this particular voice-over-ee was a groomsman at our wedding. "I know, Tepper, dial 'M' for Mercury..."

13x13 / 19x19
I don't suppose anyone knows where to buy reversible 13x13 / 19x19 go boards? DIdn't think so. Our Go Association has 'em though, I think. Samarkind has 9x9/13x13.

Refocusing Photos *After* You Take Them
This was reported earlier, but I thought you might enjoy the work of Ren Ng at Stanford on Light Field Photography with a Hand-Held Plenoptic Camera. Try out the movie at the bottom of the page [.WMV, 9 MB] even if you don't know a ton about optics. Perhaps one day the idea of "focusing" your camera will seem antiquated.

Graphic Design: Test Pilot Collective
Don't remember how I bumped into this (B.?) but the Test Pilot Collective has HUNDREDS of creative illustrations with a modern typographical bent. Scroll down a bit and click on any date.


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Thanks for the hookup. You can refer to us as the Fergusbergs.