19 December 2005

Most of 2005

I think this list is a "Most of 200x" instead of "Best of 200x."

The most...
  • exciting personal news: we're expecting our first child in April!
  • troubling baby-related hyped-up product: the $879 stroller
  • thought-provoking art piece I saw: Bill Viola's The Greeting, a slow-motion piece depicting three women talking to each other.
  • enduringly compelling contemporary artist: Gerhard Richter (SFMOMA overview)
  • cute website, regardless of my suspected immunity to such: Cute Overload
  • consistently enjoyable gadget purchased: 512 MB iPod Shuffle
  • unsuspected conversion: from cat-tolerant to cat-loving (Sua Sponte's photos of our new cat, Edison "Danger" Favalora)
  • surprisingly non-inflammatory Blog post between J-Fav and me: Are You a Bright? (Which would have been, had I innocently added a link to the Extropy Institute Mission, purely out of curiosity.)
  • belly-hurtingly, crying-in-the-airport-terminal, funny book: Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans - The Best of McSweeney's, Humor Category
  • desired new CD which I somehow didn't buy for myself: Boards of Canada, "Music Has the Right to Children"
  • unexpected new interest, aside from Go: handheld video game online magazines, especially 1UP and their weekly 30-minute shows where 30-somethings pontificate about the Nintendo DS
  • surprising genre I listened to, from the point of view of someone who doesn't know me very well: Gangsta Rap
  • uncharacteristic recipe learned, seeing as how I don't really drink: hot buttered rum (1 teasp. butter, 1 teasp. sugar, 1 shot rum, 1 cup boiling water)
  • interesting, especially good for cocktail-party conversation among MBAs if only I went to such things, new marketing concept: Danny Hillis's 7 Stages of a Mythic Experience (1/4 down from top of page)
  • obfuscated phrase: see above
  • unrelenting scientific obsessions, outside of work, which I am compelled to bore people about: emergence, theoretical evolutionary biology, especially Kauffman's discussion of percolation theory and Boolean networks - and complexity theory in general
  • enjoyed book in pre-contemporary art, despite initial misgivings: The Informed Eye
  • concise browsable text on product usability that I wish all engineers had to read: Universal Design
  • enjoyable new publication: The Week magazine
  • creative serial entrepreneur: Yonald Chery @ Calenova
  • creative parallel entrepreneur: David Oliver @ Cusp Design
  • embarrassing admission about my decaying technical skills: that I sometimes forget what tokens require semicolons in C
  • {confusing, funny, compelling, anti-Fox network} movie seen: Syriana, 40 Year Old Virgin, Proof, Outfoxed
  • impressive facial hair among soda-loving world-class linguists: Norvin Richards (evidence!)

Well, there you have it.

I invite you - nay, I implore you - to start a list of your own "Most of 2005" on your blog. I look forward to reading it! Feel free to use any of the above headings, if you'd like.


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