11 December 2005

Post-Maine Dispatch

Semiannual Trip to Portland, ME
Twice a year, I drive up to Portland to spend a half-day reflecting. I bring a notebook, a science book, a go book, and let my thoughts settle at the Breaking New Grounds cafe. (Photo: Flickr / Cafe Geek.)
The woman working there - who I think has been there for every visit I've made for the past three years - was playing music that I liked very much from a band called "American Football." It is a wash of sound; guitar, drums, trumpet, vocals. Probably won't help you imagine their sound if I said this is coffe-shop music, played loud and with enough detail to be interesting if you notice but a perfect background for wandering thoughts if you don't.

Went up the street to Bull Moose Music (151 Middle Street) and bought American Football's self-titled CD. I listened to it three times on the ride home.

Try This Band: American Football
Want to hear it? Your computer speakers won't do it justice; this is meant to be played LOUD, while you read a book or ponder cafe visitors' nose rings. Try out... I dunno... "The One With the Wurlitzer."
The One With the Wurlitzer

Back in 024XX
Quick ride home, hanging with J-Fav and Eddie.

Flashback: 2000
American Football is the kind of band they'd play at 1369 back in the day before laptop computer squatters took over every seat for the entire day. Ah, 1369.... Same dude worked there for at least 5 years. Played stuff that sounded like Godspeed you! Black Emperor's album, "lift yr. skinny fists like antennas to heaven!"


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