16 December 2005


Artsy T-Shirts have been the rage for, what, four years now? Graphic design portals point to scores of t-shirt shops; Urban Outfitters has piles of t-shirts in 80s color schemes and pseudo-hokey designs from nonexistent camps and outings; and, well, I like some of them.

Hmm, a self-referential "You Are Here" map:

Link: iwasateenage.com

There's always the hip "Threadless" online store (link to: Best Selling, half of which are sold out.)

I think Busted Tees has the most clever stuff, but I guess it's also the least politically correct.





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Professor B said...

Ha! My friend Phil actually bought me the 'Prose Before Hos" t-shirt. I am generally embarrassed to wear it outside of the house.