13 December 2005

Video Games / Nerd Skills

For a genuine nerd, I don't have the complete roster of nerd skills. For example, I don't know enough about Linux, I hate vi, I've never used OOP, and I have never used Bluetooth. Furthermore, I don't spend my idle time playing video games. Don't know those terms? Lucky!

However, that may change. I have been hoping Santa will bring me a portable game system as an escapist after-dinner or en-route-to-Houston-again activity. I've been researching this stuff in magazines and online & see there's quite a video gamer culture out there!

Ziff-Davis publishes a few gaming mags; a good one is 1UP (online), run basically by people I'd imagine being friends with in college. They have an online streaming "TV show" that I find really amusing. Try it out. Click the "Stream the broadband video!" button on any of these episodes. These guys are so... sincere... about gaming. I watched a few episodes at work in the name of market research. J-Fav and I laughed over several episodes tonight.

The 1UP Show Index from 1UP.com

Go, Diesel, Etc.
Tuesday nights are "go" nights for me. However, I think I lack the innate skills required (i.e. good spatial memory... ironically) to succeed in this game. It is disheartening. Fortunately Prof. B. and I managed to play a 13x13 game at the club tonight. Then, went to the Diesel, which actually had a floating printed copy of the Postsecret book. (Have you seen this yet?)

Electronic Music
I like electronic music, like "trace," IDM, and all that. Someone named Ishkur set up a comprehensive site with hundreds of samples of different electronica genres: Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music. I mean, where else could you hear the difference between your house, breakbeat, jungle, and techno genres? WARNING: Time sink; I spent an hour with this last night. Turn up your speakers and have fun.


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