17 January 2006

San Jose, Day 1

My non-direct flight from Boston took most of Sunday. I finally arrived at the San Jose hotel around 8pm, in time to order some good and surprisingly cheap room service (calamari! organic green salad! about $10!).

I'm near the convention center, which means that you need to walk a few blocks to escape from its isolated price-elevated nucleus. In my hotel, the hallways look a little bit too much like "The Shining:"

(at least I didn't see twins in the hallway)

However, I really need to share this next one with you. The lobby vending machine doesn't just sell Advil, Snickers, and Pepto Bismol. No, dear reader, this thing sells iPods. IPODS! Check it out:

Yes, you're seeing that right.

Meanwhile - the conference kicked off today, is well-attended, interesting, and fun. We went out for our annual dinner and had a great time hearing about people's unusual 3-D displays, home-brew 3-D cameras, and their experiences on the teams creating the 3-D movies we see. As you all know by now, the dinner looked like this, except with the clothing and hairstyles updated one year.

Oh, one last thing, primarily for B.C. (and D.C. though I doubt he's watching).

That's right. And if you haven't listed to The Animators, you're nowhere, baby.


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La Lecturess said...

Hee. Can *anyone* flash when help is on the way?