21 January 2006

Squirt Likes Samba

Little Drummer Baby?
J-Fav and I are expecting our first child in several months, and we refer to him/her as "Squirt" after the baby turtle in Finding Nemo.

Squirt's been kicking around now and then, sometimes so forcefully I can see it across a room! There hasn't been much predictability to it, though, until now. J-Fav was pretty sure that Squirt goes wild for drumming -- Latin American / Cuban drumming, as evidenced when she was listening to a live Brazilian drum group a few days ago.

If that's true, Squirt'd be the third generation of drummer in the Fav family line. We set out to test this theory. We went upstairs & I played some rock, jazz, and Samba beats. It worked! What'd Squirt prefer? Samba, right on cue. Hah! Perhaps its tastes will evole so we can listen to Gene Krupa or Manu Katche together.

Here we are:

My childhood drum teacher, Glenn Weber, would be proud.

By the way, J-Fav does not actually have six fingers on her right hand. It just sort of looks like that. Sorry to disappoint you polydactylphiles out there.



Sons of Dean said...

Joern used to be a decent drummer.

La Lecturess said...

Maybe we can get her another finger, for her birthday?