22 January 2006

Stereo photos: Blue Ribbon BBQ (Arlington, MA)

RLB had trouble viewing the cross-eyed stereo pair of the blue vases, despite her ability to see those "Magic Dot" stereograms. Since those stereograms usually require you to go "wall-eyed" (look beyond the picture), I made a photo using wall-eye. I can't see it, maybe you can.

Look at the WALL-EYED; imagine you're looking beyond your computer screen.

Here are three more photos. Look at these cross-eyed. If you have trouble with that, try moving farther away from the computer screen, and try looking at your index finger between the screen and your nose. If you feel funny or strained, stop.

Can anyone see these? Let me know. You can use the black squares as a guide.

Click and view cross-eyed.

Click and view cross-eyed.

Click and view cross-eyed.



RH said...

I can see them. When your eyes get to the right point, you actually see 3 images, each one with a dot on top -- one in the middle, which is 3-D, and two off to the side, in your peripheral vision.

RLB said...

I can see the wall-eyed one very easily! (Only on the thumbnail, though -- when I look at the big version, I can't get the images to come quite far enough to merge.) And RH is right, when I get to the right point on the thumbnail, there's a central 3-D image and the other 2 in peripheral vision. Still can't figure out what I need to do differently to see the cross-eyed ones. My eyes keep wanting to do what they do to see the other kind.

Anonymous said...

No problems with these 3d's

Daddy Vin