04 January 2006

What is your dangerous idea?

"Edge" asks 100+ intellectuals to answer that question here. Some responses, without the accompanying brief essays, are:

  • Paul Bloom (Psychologist, Yale): "mental life has a purely physical basis"
  • Bart Kosko (Prof. EE, USC): "most bell curves have thick tails" (with graphs!)
  • Jamshed Bharucha (Prof. Psych., Tufts): "the more we discover about cognition and the brain, the more we will realize that education as we know it does not accomplish what we believe it does"
  • Daniel Dennett (Philosopher, Tufts): "There aren't enough minds to house the population explosion of memes." "...Thanks to our incessant and often technically brilliant efforts, and our apparently insatiable appetites for novelty, we have created an explosively growing flood of information, in all media, on all topics, in every genre..."

(2005's question was, "What do you believe is true but cannot prove?)


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