23 February 2006

Education, Hard Drives, and To-Do Lists redux

Augh! I accidentally hit a poorly-placed "navigate backward in your browser" keyboard button on my IBM T41 and lost my first-draft masterpiece. Why'd they put it next to the arrow keys?Grr. So, in abridged format, for your surfing pleasure:

[Y]Our Customers in Class
New EAS-INFO posting that explores the lack of professionalism in many of today's undergraduates despite the role of college as a sort of career training ground. Excuses for late papers, "Should I buy a 3-ring binder or a subject notebook?", and sites like ratemyprofessor.com [link].

Where's My Hard Drive Space?
Wonder why your 20 GByte drive is down to a measley 500 Megs? Wonder if there's an easy way to see what folders are fattest? Run, don't walk, run to Werkeme.com for SpaceMonger. Free utility for WinXP that scans your drive and displays your folders as nested rectangles - with area proportional to size of contents. This thing's magic! I cleaned out 5 Gigs within minutes once it showed me that a duplicate iTunes folder was lurking within. Thanks to a work colleague for this pointer.

Photo from Werkema.com

To-Do Lists
I gushed about Backpackit.com, the free web-based to-do list. Still love it. Give it a try.

Signing off from the home office at the Diesel Cafe in Somerville, Mass.,

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