03 February 2006

Links / "i'm lovin' it"

Hello -

There you are, bored, clicking about the World Wide Web in search of that last nugget of information that'll leave you convinced that there are no stones left unturned and it's finally safe to turn off your computer. Yes, you. (No, not you over there... you. Yes.)

Enough of my weird self-portraits and excursions into high-tech land. Here are a few good old-fashioned links to stuff on the web. THEN you'll be fully prepared to log out. Honest.

Commencement Speeches
Commencement speeches from Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki, Salman Rushdie, Oprah Winfrey, Jon Stewart, Richard Feynman. Here's some (37Signals), and here's the list of many more (Yahoo).

Video Games
Video games have become so realistic looking that it's just nuts. Check out this preview of a boxing game (click on the thumbnails). Compare to, say, Zaxxon. Dig it.

You've heard about Google limiting search results for their Chinese web site. Check it out. Here are examples of what images pop up when you search for "Tianamen" when you search using the U.S. site versus the Chinese site, courtesy of GeekPress.

i'm lovin' it
I can't stand McDonalds's current marketing campaign in which all their messaging is all "slangy" and... man... just awful. "i'm lovin' it." When you go to McDonalds the soda cups have it written in, like, ten languages. "i'm lovin' it" in French is "c'est ca que j'aime" or something like that.

Well, this may be rife with offensive language, but I think Maddox over at "The Best Page in the Universe" sums it up well. Here's his... ah... essay... on the matter: "McDonald's new ad campaign is an anagram for 'ailing vomit.'"

Oh, Ted? If you're reading, here is Maddox's essay on XTREME Marketing for Corn Nuts.

(No, I don't know the story behind "The Second Best Page in the Universe" versus "The Best Page in the Universe," but if someone would like to explain it to me, I'm all ears.)

Dr. Pepper
And I leave you with Frenchboxing's meticulous collection of Dr. Pepper knock-offs from around the country.

Folks, it is now safe to turn off your computer.



JMK said...

Thanks for the shout out. Reading about his take on the recent X-tremity of product marketing, I found myself thinking what would happen if I adopted the x-treme mentality in marketing products in my line of work.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, probably "X-treme jail time"?


Anonymous said...

wow. i thought those game pictures were wonderfully surreal. all these people standing around a totally empty boxing ring, shouting. i understand why they're that way, but it's so much more satisfying to think of them as being finished artworks.