17 February 2006

Some Disorganized Thoughts of G-Fav's

This is a link to a thoughtful essay on "old-fashioned" tips for teaching undergrads. It's geared towards engineering, but it certainly applies elsewhere. It is appended by thoughts from one of my favorite professors in electrical engineering at Yale, Prof. Kindlmann.

Hello! I was gone (and am now back) from a one-night business trip to Houston, which on the non-business side featured: a woman acting so oddly at the Logan boarding gate that I pointed her out to the staff, some of the best raw oysters I've ever had (Texas fresh!), and the first quarter of the Dave Eggers book You Shall Know Our Velocity.

The Fergusbergs are in town for the long weekend! With me and J-Fav! Hooray! We will take a few-day break from 3-D displays, stocks & bonds, and educational consulting to... celebrate the coming baby & paint the baby room. The big quandry: orange or green?


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