19 March 2006

Art at the DeCordova

The DeCordova art museum and woodsy sculpture park is a few miles from our house. This month, they set aside gallery space to re-exhibit recently-purchased works under the heading "Great Buys: Museum Purchases." My favorites included:

Arthur Ganson's "Two Cans from the Island of Taiwan," an intricate, slowly moving birdcage whose chirping elements tease the museum patron from across the room. [video] A large collection of his work is at the MIT Museum.

Steve Hollinger's "Jellyfish," which I had been hoping to experience again for several years. Mr. Hollinger's artwork includes many pieces which are subtly activated by sunlight. "Jellyfish" is a beautiful mechanical piece, floating in mineral oil, that slowly turns and undulates under bright light. I think it's wonderful.

Frank Egloff's "after Deakin 1952/1957 (Oliver Bernard)". [Artfacts.net]

Harriet Casdin-Silver's "Venus of Willendorf '91".

Note to self: I am looking forward to seeing Bruce Bemis' "Mending Mid-Oceanic Rift" again, which the Boston Globe described as:
..."Mending Mid-Oceanic Rift" immerses the viewer in its underwater world. In a
darkened room, twin projectors play old film footage of swimmers, which bounces
off a reflective garden globe onto the walls of the gallery. A mesmerizing
pageant unfolds, as not-quite-synchronized swimmers approach one another and
vanish into cinematic oblivion.

At last, I found it! An article even I can understand discussing Felicia Hemans's 1800s poem, and Elizabeth Bishop's 20th century version.

Canadian Coffeshop Mutiny
Four employees quit & left this message to their boss. (Found the link through Waiter Rant.)



TroopOfChimps said...

Gosh, I love that poem. The EB version, I mean.

Anonymous said...

There's a review of a book about EB today in the NY Times: