12 March 2006

A Dopple-Gregg

At first, this was going "just" be a story about another Gregg's description - on another blog - of the Lehigh Valley (for the benefit of DB and RB). Who can pass by such vivid prose?:

Bethlehem, PA is a town of roughly 75,000 residents. It is one of the three small cities (Allentown and Easton are its sisters) comprising the Lehigh Valley, a slice of Pennsylvania and New Jersey unknown to most Americans. The Lehigh Valley is an urban nightmare of abandoned factories and graffiti combined with the bucolic ruralness of a Norman Rockwell painting.

However, this is now a story about a potential wrinkle in space-time, the very fabric of my New Jerseyite sanity. I am amazed (or amused) to learn that there is another Gregg-with-3-"G"s, who grew up in my hometown, went to the same high school, played in the same marching band under the same Mr. Mal-the-band director, who also moved to Boston, and who has been to the Lehigh Valley.

Check it out to learn more about the Lehigh Valley. (Or about a guy who covered every inch of his body and house with Disney tatoos and collectibles.) Or to learn about what it was like to make it to the annual marching band thing in Giants Stadium for the West Orange High School Marching Mountaineers, in weather so cold it questioned the parents' proper claim to authority over us shivering high school kids, sending us out there like that... (There's even a little homepage for the high school band.)

Heck, check it out just to be sure I'm not making this stuff up. If this guy ends up an optical engineer in a few years, then this is becoming a little too The Time Traveler's Wife.


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Gregg G. said...

Actually, you may not remember me, but I used to sometimes sit next to you on the Eagle Rock Boys late bus on the ride home. You were my salvation from getting murdered by the degenerates of our high school.

I have no interest in optical engineering. But there may be a tear in the time-space vortex.