18 March 2006

Hospitals, Blogs, and Scientists


A Hospital Visit

I returned last night from three days in Minnesota to meet with doctors who are interested in using 3-D visualization. For example, we met with one of the country's top pediatric cardiologists - she performs procedures on baby's hearts. It was pretty amazing to be set up in a "reading room" (a place where radiologists, cardiologists, etc. look at, or "read," CAT scans) and show the doctors 3-D images of their difficult cases.

Also, this was the first time I've had to wear scrubs, since one of our displays is at Major Prestigious Hospital right between two operating rooms. Even though I've been in many (many!) hospitals and their cardiac echo units, CT and PET scan areas, and reading rooms, I've never been in the mad rush of walking down labyrthinine corridors of 30 operating rooms... all in one place. The first step was getting past the embarassed confusion of "where's the locker room? what DON'T you wear when you wear scrubs?" and the shock of "booties? you can put them over your shoes, but don't worry about making the OR dirty. They're for keeping gunk off your shoes." Yikes...

A kind nurse dropped me off in the bowels of the hospital where I was supposed to meet a neurosurgeon. I was walked down a hallway lined with ORs; you could see inside the windows at many operations going on at once, with surgeons holding up their gloved (and blood-covered) hands, people looking at vital-sign monitors, and everything else you'd expect. For ten minutes, I stood there, waiting for the neurosurgeon (the nurse dropped me off at the wrong place), wearing scrubs, briefcase in hand, looking like a clueless intern from a hospital TV show. Those were an anxious ten minutes. I felt as out of place as a kid in a marching band uniform strolling into a busy mechanic station.

Eventually, the doc found me, so we went to the 3-D display and loaded up a few patients' data. After that, back to the locker room, got out of the scrubs, threw them in a container, and headed back out into the twisty passages of the hospital for the next meetings.


An Awful Blog
"Sand Hill Slave" is the blog of an administrative assistant at a Venture Capital firm who revels in telling stories about being rude to men, complaining about co-workers who complain about setting up trips on private jets, and, well, all that. Yet I can't keep from clicking on it.

A Good Blog
And in the other corner... Guy Kawasaki is a terrific speaker and thinker about entrepreneurship. He has a great blog entry about The Art of the Board Meeting.

What do you Believe is True, but Cannot Prove?
NPR interviews literary agent / corraller-of-great-minds John Brockman about his book What We Believe is True But Cannot Prove. Maybe one day I'll stop reminding people about his site, www.edge.org.


It's Saturday, meaning it's time for J-Fav and I to warm our bellies up for Redbone (BBQ's) $9 all you can eat combo! Hoo-eee! Also, there is a Saturday teach-kids-to-play-Go event which we may assist with.

Good weekend-

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