12 March 2006

Links & Geek-opoly

Good evening -

Some links:
A company that makes hidden passageways in your home.

Wonder what kind of morning everyone else has? This website, www.yournormalday.com, invites hourly photos from people on different continents for all to see.

When I get an hour to mess with my Nintendo DS, I've been playing Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Updated Glitch Art (art derived from or resembling crashed computers or video electronics) page, including a gallery / store.

Tonight, Tonight...

This is the first weekend after several months of full, task-oriented weekends in preparation for the coming of Baby Fav.

Tonight, J-Fav and I finally got to see DB, RB, and EB (only two of whom are related). We had dinner at La Casa de Pedro, a Spanish restaurant in Watertown, Mass. As usual, I went for a meat-intensive dish; it included chorizo and "blood sausage."

After that we retired to play a Star Wars-themed Monopoly. It took an hour or so to settle into a placid steady-state, after which a flurry of deals and financial hardship broke us into two camps: the men (evil forces of... evil!) versus the women (Princess Leia stumbling into our evil hotels). Boy did our forces of evil win. Poor EB was tuckered out and will have to learn of her loss from afar:


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