13 March 2006


Some science links:

Beautiful holograms
Have you ever seen a true, laser-illuminated hologram? Here is a brief movie of one illuminated by an Argon blue laser from a conference of amateur and professional holographers. The get-together is called "Porcelain Cat Group," jokingly named after the subject many people use when making their first hologram... or the prize given out for the best one.

One of the best holograms ever made, check out Yves Gentet's Clown. (It's an animated GIF.)

Quadratic Forms
An article on a recent mathematical breakthrough that I didn't understand.

My Brother's Poetry
...is on one of his blogs.

How Did They Make That (Accordian, Breath Mint, Elevator, Slinky...)
Yet again, Prof. Peter Kindlmann points us to an interesting site. "Madehow.com"


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