15 March 2006

Mr. Minneapolis

Cool spoken-word "techno" music & computer graphics
kick this one for st paul... and this for minneapolis... This song is circling in my head today. Go here and click on "FUTURESHOCK: Pride's Paranoia." (Also, "Netlag" is quite pretty if you have a decent web connection and speakers.)

Boston Anagram T Map
Take Hen Combat to Covert Gent, change at Pert Skater & I'll meet you at the Bertucci's at Wail Fee. [Boston map] [Links to many other city maps]

Spam Subject Line...

Geek Prom 2006
Will be held April 26 in the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Da Ali G Show
Unfortunately we can now watch video clips of HBO's (Emmy-nominated!?) "Da Ali G Show". Does it make me a bad person if I laughed at "Rekognize"?



Anonymous said...

oh wait, but I like this version better:


I think it's because I prefer Awe File to Wail Fee.


Anonymous said...

oh, and...
you had better take me to the geek prom.