25 April 2006

Impromptu "Recipe" 2: Fruit and Dark Chocolate

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Strawberries, Banana, and Dark Chocolate Late-Night Gooey Mess

3 squares good dark choc, e.g. Trader Joes' $4 ~74% Belgian Dark
1 banana
3 tbsp. milk
4 strawberries

0. Grab a high-lipped ("pasta") dish and a cutting plate*

1. Put chocolate squares and milk in pasta dish. Microwave 2 min. @ 50% (stir after 1 min. + when done). If still solid, do 1 more min. @ 70%.

2. While that's happening, cut fruit into fork-able sized slices

3. Throw fruit on top of icky chocolate mixture

4. Eat slowly

Wes Anderson American Express Commercial!

I highly recommend this. (Click "pause," let load fully, click "play.")

*: Hi, Prof. B.

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