12 April 2006

Impromptu Recipe: Roast Chicken with Red Wine, Apple, and Potatoes

We're waiting for Squirt-Fav's arrival & decided, heck, let's get adventurous with dinner. Plain whole roast chicken felt a little too boring tonight, so I took a stab at a new recipe. I wonder how it'll turn out.

Roast Chicken with Red Wine, Apple, and Potatoes

6-7 lb "oven stuffer" chicken
salt, pepper
1/2 bottle red wine (we had cab. waiting to be finished)
3 big russet potatoes
1 granny smith apple

0. Preheat oven to 375 F, remove giblets from chicken
1. Rinse + dry chicken w/paper towels; place in large, deep casserole dish or deep baking pan
2. Warm 3 tbsp butter, brush over chicken
3. Cover chicken with salt and a little freshly-ground pepper
4. Put in oven + cook for 30 minutes
5. Turn heat up to 425 F
6. Cook for 30 minutes
7. Cut potatoes into quarters. Cut apple into 6 sections. Take 3 tbsp butter and cut into pads.
8. Arrange potato + apple sections around chicken. Place butter on potato slices.
9. Pour 1/3 - 1/2 bottle red wine around chicken.
10. Cook for 20-30 minutes, until thermometer reads whatever it's supposed to or that dimple pos out.
11. Take out of oven, move the chicken to its own dish, let sit 5 minutes, carve.
12. Keep cooking the potato / apple / wine admixture until it's done. 10 minutes or so.

Wonder how this'll taste.

[a few hours go by]

Hey, that was actually good. Not "have near-strangers over for dinner" good, but "cooking for good friends who will tolerate raiding the pantry" good. The wine sauce was really tasty, and the bird turned out perfectly golden and crispy.

g-fav, from the office at The Diesel

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Professor B said...

Dude, I have always really enjoyed the fact that you start your recipes or instructions with "0."