30 April 2006

Links: Comics, Folk Rap, and Art Films

Doctor-in-Training Comic Strip
Scutmonkey is a funny comic by a med school student. Try, for example, 12 Types of Med Students. (re: geekpress)

Joan Baez-eqsue Cover of NWA's "Straight Outta Compton"
(Profanity, obviously) For those of you into gangsta' rap, funny! Or surreal. (re: Boingboing)

Top Ten Lies of Engineers
Top Ten Lies of Engineers, such as: "#9: Our beta sites loved the software," brought to you by Guy Kawasaki, former Macintosh Chief Evangelist. I recommend all of his books, by the way, such as Selling the Dream.

Wozniak's Site
Steve Wozniak answers questions about the early days of Apple and Microsoft from viewers of the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley."

Notable Science Books
The edge.org site has been redesigned to include a column of quite a few recently published books about science, biology, relationships, physics, and evolution. Let the site load fully; the list will appear on the right.

Bird's-Eye-View of the World - Simultaneously
I have probably mentioned this movie on Pleix Films before, but I still think it's gorgeous. Let it load fully, turn up your speakers, and enjoy. Check out "Netlag," which superimposes a map of the earth with hundreds of recorded webcams. Watch the sun rise in NYC while it sets in Tokyo.


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