05 April 2006


I'm out sick today. Between grant proposals and other work, there's always:

Peep-tinis! Yes, Easter drinks made using Peeps. (re: Memepool)

Nature article: Scientists Grow Bladder in Lab (using scaffolding to slowly grow artificial bladders and eventually other organs)

The VirtuSphere stereoscopic "immersive" VR system, sort of a gerbil-sphere for humans.

Guy Kawasaki discusses Cialdini's Influence, a book about social influence and persuasion that I - and you, too, probably - read in intro psych class.

Find blinking gizmos and other stuff for your favorite nerd at ThinkGeek.

So despite that last post it appears I haven't gone cold-turkey at all.

Thanks, N, for the link to the NYTimes story on EB. I'm having trouble registering.


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