25 April 2006


Sun's Scott McNealy steps down (up) from CEO to chairman
Article on CNET News.com.

Tongue-in-cheek history of the microprocessor.

Those Wall Street Journal Stippled Portraits
Check out the galleries of the Randy Glass Studio. Amazing!

Pimp My Snack
'nuff said. Check out the "Reeses Mothership." (Huge versions of snacks.)

Intriguing Science Book
A methodical, complete, well-illustrated tome from algebra to quantum physics: Roger Penrose's The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe.

(image loaded from amazon.com)

How to Calm Your Newborn
The "Baby Bjorn" is amazing. It defies physics. Put baby in here, walk around the house, and he's asleep for an hour.

New Mass Go Site
The Massachusetts Go Association has a nice new website. (Yes, that's yours truly in the top picture. Though I'm such a poseur; I haven't really played for months.) Tournament - including a kid's division for 20+ kyu - on Sunday Apr. 30.

Congratulations to the happy newly engaged couple... you know who you are... We're looking forward to seeing you up here in Boston this summer!


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