02 April 2006


The -Fav household today had an undercurrent of excitement; the weather's good, Squirt-fav is coming very soon, and J-Fav is all a-glow. I got my work work (as opposed to house work) done this afternoon, we went on walks, we had ice cream, we went out for spicy Indian food to urge things along. We're generally having a great time, and are both looking forward to meeting the little guy or gal.

My emotions about it all are wonderful and new and anticipatory; and I think it all deserves not to be written about on this blog, at least not by me. I'm no poet, and in fact I think I have a bit of "authorial ADHD" that would be a disservice if Squirt were to Google us 10 years from now and find that dad was unable to express the depth of his feelings. Privately, J-Fav and I wrote Squirt letters. I'm hoping that he or she will read mine upon turning nine, and 19, and 29, that there'd be new meaning to it each time. I'll leave it at that.

Also, I continue to reflect on blogging in the context of personal things, and blogging in general. I'm considering going cold turkey.

This process has three elements for me; maybe they overlap, maybe they're linearly independent. First, blogging is a pastime in which I can record and share stuff that might interest me or you some day. Secong, blogging is a vehicle to keep in touch with friends, both virtual and those from "meat-space" (what a graphic term!), but really I prefer to catch up one-on-one, over coffee, or over all-you-can-eat BBQ. (Enough with the meat references.)

But third, I wish I felt that I could share personal views and some of my own challenges and goings-on. I'm not comfortable with that, though; I've got a business to help run, blogs are too public, and Google's hungry web-spiders will lock away every word for all of eternity. If I were to switch to LiveJournal, I guess I could "friendslock" what I write. But who cares? Who would get a password just to see if I had a thrilling day at a customer hospital site or a lousy one due to a jerk on the ride home?

So I end up putting most of my emphasis on the first component. Meta. It's all links and pointers and pictures and music. And what isn't is just "safe stuff," which feels like what wanna-be actors do who genericize their last names for the broadest appeal.

Some Safe Stuff

Cable! Attention the very few of you who have been keeping track during "24" night: J-Fav and I now have cable. She called up RCN, and lo!, the guy gave us new phone, cable modem, and cable TV service. I can flip through 80+ shows, find the two worth watching, forget what channels they're on, and cycle through all of them ad nauseum until both shows conclude and J-Fav leaves the room, dizzy.

Starbucks! Spent several hours there, speed-writing a grant pre-proposal, unfortunately seated underneath a store loudspeaker playing high-volume Alanis Morissette. Put on my iPod Shuffle, turned it up loud, and endured dualing songs until their CD ran out. Did you know there's a Mac OS X utility that plays white noise to aid concentration?

All Hail the Lowest Common Denominator! "Maddox," of the so-called The Best Page in the Universe, published a book called The Alphabet of Manliness. (Maddox's blog is for the Howard Stern crowd, and I'll leave it at that.) The book is now #1 in Amazon book sales. Ladies and gentlemen, it's safe to say we're all aiming a bit too high.

Product Marketing! IKEA is great, but they might want to rethink some of their product names.

I'll leave you on a more serious note. The Australian TV show "Beyond Tomorrow" filmed a segment about a man with lung cancer who agreed to participate in an experiment using our company's Perspecta Display for cancer therapy treatment planning. I hope to get a copy of the segment; this is really what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Self-absorbedly yours,

ps I continue to think it's funny that most of the people who use Google that land on this blog over the last 6+ months are searching for pictures of the Andre the Giant Has a Posse stickers.

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