22 April 2006

Settling In

Hello there!

A little more than a week later, J-Fav and I are experiencing the joys and sleepwalking that we've been looking forward to for the past 9 months. After coming home Monday and enduring the worst-timed and worst-magnitude string of stomach flus I could have imagined, we are now nearly clear-headed. We've been playing with Toby, laughing at how he looks like a little robe-wrapped monk when we burp him, wondering about what it means that he's a "Harlequin," being amused at how his whole body bounces when he hiccoughs, and shocked and amazed at how MUCH and how FREQUENTLY he eats (er... drinks). And calms down on the bouncy ball. And interested in how he's learning to fixate. And, and, and...

We are thankful to family who have stayed over to cook, clean, feed (us), and give us a chance to sleep more hours than I had hoped. And J-Fav's family put in more than their share of babysitting!

So: But: Anyway: I think I will fight the urge to report daily on his burps and other progress. I will avoid the automatic Google-ization of everything I type. I'll turn the camera away from our more private family moments here in this public forum.

Settling In

J-Fav and I are still wondering how we're going to cope when I return to work. How does everyone do it, baby in one arm, skillet cooking lunch with the other? Thank goodness some of you dear readers are offering to cook dinners for us while we get our heads straight.

Still, I think my wife is Wonder Woman.

Now and then there are hour-long stretches when mom and I can watch TV (finally got cable) or catch up on web-reading.

Web Reading

Here are some things from my new "read later" bookmark in Safari:

Andrew Odlyzko of AT&T Bell Labs essay, "The Decline of Unfettered Research"

NSF's directorate for computer & information science & engineering's series of reports from PIs on computational neuroscience

Wikipedia article: Scientology

Steve Jobs / Macintosh original four videotaped sessions of Macintosh release in 1984 from Mac Essentials (the, "thanks for letting me out of that bag" not the commercial)

Publications by Prof. Zucker's computational vision group at Yale

giving good presentations: BusinessWeek article: "How to Wow 'Em Like Steve Jobs"

The New Yorker, "The Soundtrack of Your Life: Muzak in the realm of retail theatre"

Buy some glitch art from the store (real and simulated screenshots of crashed computer programs)


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