06 May 2006

3-D Conference: CALL FOR PAPERS


As you know, each year the SPIE/IS&T's "Electronic Imaging" symposium, with its Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference, draws hundreds of top 3-D researchers from around the world. Focusing on the architecture and application of 3-D displays, topics include:

  • Novel 3-D display architectures and related innovations (volumetric, lenticular, parallax-barrier, electro-holographic, quasi-holographic, etc.)
  • Low-level and "O/S" software for 3-D visualization systems
  • Application software
  • Applications of 3-D displays, e.g. medical imaging, "virtual reality," 3-D GUIs, etc.
The conference includes a popular and informative demonstration session of new 3-D displays and, traditionally, a several-hour extravaganza of stereo movies.

Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XVIII (2007) is now accepting abstracts for next year's January conference in San Jose, Calif.

Please see the call for papers. Abstracts due 27 July 2006.

Co-located with Stereoscopic Displays & Applications are quite a few high-quality conferences relating to 2-D and 3-D imaging, processing, and display. See the list here.


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