27 May 2006

Can you hear your TV?, and... ANTS!

This is a clever story about schoolchildren who use a high-frequency cellphone ringtone - which their (grown-up) teachers can't hear - to get around their school no-cellphone law.

With links to MP3s of the ringtones. (I imagine that by the time the ringtone is downloaded, converted to MP3, and played through your computer's DAC, it could sound very different; but still.)

Sort of like how when you're younger you can tell if the TV is on, but muted, in another room.


Holy cow. FSU's Walter R. Tschinkel writes in "The nest architecture of the Florida harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex badius" (in Journal of Insect Science, of course) made amazing casts (?) of ant nests. Seriously, check this out.

Here's one particular cast that Mr. Tschinkel is standing next to. [link: futurefeeder]

Watching the sunrise after helping Toby out with his 5am bottle,

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